Business Transition

Evofarm is well positioned to support farming businesses and families with the transition of their business typically from one generation to the next.  Evofarm takes a rounded approach to business transition focusing on what is needed to ensure that the business is successfully transitioned from one generation to the next. The real focus for Evofarm is to focus on the strategic direction of the business  and to ensure that the wealth of all stakeholders sustainably grows overtime in line with the vision of the business.

  • Facilitative approach – addressing the needs of each individual business and its people
  • Strategy – Take time to work on the long term strategy of the business and personnel
  • Sustainability – ensure that the solutions are sustainable into the future
  • Business agreement – Generation of a business agreement providing direction and support in decision making into the future
  • Project management – involving key advisor’s in the process which may include your accountant, solicitor, financier, financial planner etc. to ensure an efficient and effective process
  • Achieving desired outcomes – Value