Independent Board Advisory

With a  deep understanding of both the operational management and commercial aspects of farming, Evofarm is best positioned to be a source of support, knowledge, experience and act as an independent sounding board for your business.

The implementation of regular board and or family meetings as part of your management philosophy will result in a greater level of engagement and communication by all stakeholders within your business.  Whether your business is experiencing rapid growth, looking to raise capital, wanting to build strategic partners, looking to address business transition or facing major decisions or changes  then considering the introduction of an independent advisor maybe just what you business needs.

The benefits an advisory board can bring to your business include:

  • The ability to draw on skills and knowledge of advisors who have practical experience in growing a business
  • Increases investor and stakeholder confidence
  • Provides an avenue for independence which maybe important in family businesses
  • Provides a trusted and valued sounding board of support right throughout the year
  • Results in a more structured and accountable approach to meetings and operations including agendas, compulsory reporting, decision making processes, action items and reviews