Procurement Services

Evofarm specialises in providing procurement services to the food industry and commodity trade by leveraging and sharing Evofarms  long term relationships with producers .  Evofarm aims to work with the food company and end user to enable a direct sourcing model between farmers and suppliers, thus providing value to all stakeholders through:

  • Fostering long term supply agreements
  • Quality management and development of specifications for the needs of the business
  • Product marketing advantages – dealing with Australian conventional and organic producers who are GMO, allergen and gluten free may lead to opening of new market opportunities
  • Management of supply chain documentation to meet ever increasing social, environmental and food safety requirements
  • Development of a system to enable position and overall risk management
  • Development of a system to enable efficient and seamless delivery, payment and finance for commodities and raw materials
  • Potential to maintain provenance from paddock to plate where advantageous